Day, Benjamin

Day, Benjamin,

1838–1916, American printer; son of Benjamin Henry DayDay, Benjamin Henry,
1810–89, American journalist. He learned the printer's trade in the office of the Springfield (Mass.) Republican and opened a printing office in New York City.
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. While working in New York City, Day invented a process, utilizing celluloid sheets, for shading plates in the color printing of maps and illustrations. It is known as the Ben Day, or Benday, process. The term "Ben Day" is used as a noun, verb, and adjective.
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Each day, Benjamin fills orders which come in via the internet.
The following day, Benjamin signed for Albion, scored once in three substitute appearances and it was Gary Megson's Baggies who ended up pipping Dave Jones' Wolves to promotion.
James Burden won all four individual stroke races in the 14-year age group as well as the overall 200 metres medley final to be named swimmer of the day, Benjamin Lowe won the individual backstroke and overall 200 metres medley final in the 11-year group and Emma Sansby led the girls' backstroke field.