Day, Thomas

Day, Thomas,

1748–89, English social reformer and author. He supported the American Revolution and the abolition of slavery and was interested in improving the lot of the small farmer. His moralistic History of Sandford and Merton (3 vol., 1783–89) contrasts the "natural" education of the virtuous Sandford with the conventional one of the objectionable Merton. In Lichfield he was a member of the literary group centering about Anna SewardSeward, Anna
, 1742–1809, English poet, called the Swan of Lichfield. A member of the Lichfield literary group, which included Thomas Day and Erasmus Darwin, she was acquainted also with Dr. Johnson and James Boswell.
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And you never can be sorry for the trouble you took to learn them; for knowl- edge is worth more than anything there is in the world; it's what makes great men and good men; you'll be a great man and a good man yourself, some day, Thomas, and then you'll look back and say, It's all owing to the precious Sunday-school privileges of my boyhood -- it's all owing to my dear teachers that taught me to learn -- it's all owing to the good superintendent, who en- couraged me, and watched over me, and gave me a beautiful Bible -- a splendid elegant Bible -- to keep and have it all for my own, always -- it's all owing to right bringing up
On a normal school day, Thomas has 60g of sugar (15 tsp).
Cast adrift by his family - his eldest brother refused to take him into partnership - he worked for two years for another potter before he met and, in 1754, entered into partnership with, one of the most eminent potters of the day, Thomas Whieldon.
Many of the authors place him among those he looked to for guidance and insight: Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Mohandas Gandhi, and Martin Luther King.
This discovery helps explain why the park's super volcano expels massive amounts of carbon dioxide each day, Thomas Sumner reported in "Giant magma pool beneath Yellowstone" (SN: 5/16/15, p.
5 Rockets on Earth Day, Thomas retired 21 straight batters, striking out 13 in a masterful performance lasting a little over an hour at the Auburn field.
Each day, Thomas Frierson peers up from a body shop below the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge to admire its majestic arches.
That day, Thomas himself received a ban which forced him out of half of the 2007 Six Nations campaign after trying to help his old Irish pal out of trouble.
Arnault was a rapacious real estate mogul living in America who one day, Thomas writes, "called his counsel Pierre Gode and instructed him to find a company to buy.
One day, Thomas disappeared and was never seen again.
Also pictured are chief bridesmaid Helen Sanderson, Natalie Roberts and Leanne Simcox, Skye-Georgia McKie, and the couple's sons, who were page boys on the big day, Thomas and Lewis Pattison.