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see DyakDyak
or Dayak
, name applied to one of the groups of indigenous peoples of the island of Borneo, numbering about 2 million. The Dyaks have maintained their customs and mode of life largely uninfluenced by modern civilization.
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The rajah had lived with the Dayak constantly for years, ate the same food, used the same weapons (plus his rifle and telescope), dressed like a traditional chief but more opulently was frank about his appreciation of the physical charms and the political acumen of Dayak women, and unstinting in his admiration for the courage of the warriors.
This study begins with discussion of ethnicity and politics and then studies the Dayaks over time--prior to 1945, and through the decades to 2005--with discussion of each era's political power developments.
Having said that, these immigrant groups generally remain segregated from Murung Raya's Dayak groups.
Semunying Jaya is a settlement of people who identify as Kayan, one of the more than 200 Dayak ethnicities that live in Borneo's forests.
The area was once a rich peat forest, inhabited by the Dayak Ngaju, who have for generations eked out a living through their intimate knowledge of the forest and its extensive waterways.
The Dayak ethnic group constitutes the majority, while Malay and other ethnic groups constitute significant minorities.
During his first three years in Sarawak and on the island of Labuan, a few miles off the coast of Brunei, McDougall spent most of his time in and around Kuching, but he also paid a few visits to Dayak longhouses in more remote areas.
The tracks are Cler Achel (4:25), Mano Dayak (5:41), Matadjem Yinmixan (5:43), Ahimana (5:43), Soixante Trois (4:56), Toumast (4:25), Imidiwan Winakalin (4:25), Awa Didjen (4:11), Ikyadarh Dim (3:35), Tamatant Tilay (3:19), Assouf (3:56) and Izarharh Tenere (5:02).
The episode will feature visits to a Tongkat ali harvesting in Sarawak (the world's oldest rainforest), the Dayak settlement at their long house to spotlight their history of use of Tongkat ali, traditional herbal stalls at the Chow Kit Market in Kuala Lumpur, a Tongkat ali plantation at Forest Research Institute Malaysia, and Orang Asli settlement in West Malaysia where they harvest the root in the rainforest.
The Earthquakes (2-1-4, 10 points) have been hit hard by injuries and are missing leading scorer Brian Ching, defenders Troy Dayak and Craig Waibal and midfielder Brian Mullan.
Those returning for the 1-2 June Gawai Dayak celebration will also be given a health alert card and a pamphlet on the disease.
Logging and mining corporations have ravaged Dayak forests and polluted Dayak rivers so badly that within two decades nothing will be left worth saving.