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general name for the native population of the island of Kalimantan, including a number of tribes and nationalities; they number approximately 2 million (1967, estimate). Their languages belong to the Indonesian group of the Malayan-Polynesian language family. In addition to the traditional religion (a belief in various gods and spirits), Islam is also practiced.

There are significant differences in language and culture among the Dayak tribes and nationalities, some of the larger of which are the Ngadju, Klemantan, Ot-Danom. Bahau, Iban, Kayan. Kenyah, and Murut. At one time, the Dayaks inhabited the entire island; in the 13th century Malayan immigrants began to settle the island’s coastal region and gradually moved inland. The Dayaks have preserved remnants of their tribal kinship division. Their chief pursuits are rotating hoe farming (rice), hunting, fishing, gathering, and various handicrafts.


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The clashes involve complex racial, economic and religious differences between native Dayaks and more recently arrived Madurans, transplanted to Borneo under a government plan to reduce the dense populations of other islands.
Tensions between them and the native Dayaks -- who used to practice headhunting and whose culture is an exotic blend of animism and Catholicism -- were exacerbated by the Suharto regime's encouragement of vast logging operations.
During my fieldwork, Kanayatn villagers claimed that all ethnic groups possess a specific ethnic smell at all times: Madurese are said to smell of cattle, Chinese of pork, Westerners of bread, and Dayaks allegedly smell "normal.
The Dayaks, armed with swords and other traditional weapons, have set up road blocks around the provincial capital, paralyzed since Sunday, witnesses said.
Their descendants are the Minang-speaking and very traditional-minded Tumon Dayaks.
Around 733 migrant refugees, heavily guarded by the military, managed to pass along an intercity road occupied by native Dayaks armed with traditional weapons, Antara said.
The subject has claimed an inordinate amount of attention, particularly as a result of the early fascination and preoccupation of European travelers, missionaries and colonial observers with the ritual practices and major ceremonial expressions associated with secondary treatment of the dead and exemplified most especially, as Anne Schiller has demonstrated (1997), in the elaborate tiwah rituals of the Ngaju Dayak and their culturally related neighbors.
Although security forces have seized traditional weapons carried by the Dayaks, the situation remains tense, with schools and offices were still closed, witnesses said.
Beccari and his party climbed Gunung Pueh, and on the descent his Dayak guides (probably Selako) showed him what they called a bungapakma in bloom.
Llwyth hynafol sy'n byw mewn rhan anghysbell o'r ynys yw'r Dayaks, ac mae un gwr yno yn honni iddo fod yn 130 oed.
The Sarawak BN component parties are made up of Taib's Parti Pesaka Bumiputra, the state's biggest party, followed by the Sarawak United People's Party, Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak and the Sarawak National Party.
The round and yellow Dayak eggplant, terung, and the yellow Dayak cucumber could carelessly be raised in a patch of burnt soil.