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Following a September 1999 accident in De Kalb County that took her life, the estate executor and family of Angel Malone, a resident of Kane County, filed a wrongful-death complaint in Cook County circuit court against Richard Guerine, a resident of Cook County, and J.
But neither Whitney's prayers or Brown's sad look as he turned up in prison garb at De Kalb County Court in Atlanta had much effect on Judge Wayne Purdom.
Podlesny (the landmark 1996 federal case in which Wisconsin high school student Jamie Nabozny won a major settlement for his school district's failure to protect him from antigay harassment), high school students like Kelli Peterson in Salt Lake City, Tom Kameika in Georgia's De Kalb County, and Hoa Huynh in Stockton, Calif.
They were raised on adjacent farms in the shadow of Lookout Mountain, in De Kalb County, known as "The Sock Capital of the World" for its large number of textile mills.
Current tests of the partners' network began January 2001 in Tennessee's De Kalb County and are indicating the successful processing and distribution of real-time television content from a simulated head-end, operated by CompleteTV.