Dead End

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dead end

[′ded ‚end]
The end of a sound studio that has the greater sound-absorbing characteristics.
The portion of a tapped coil through which no current is flowing at a particular switch position.
(science and technology)
The end of a conduit, passage, power line, or similar system having no exit or continuation.

What does it mean when you dream about a dead end?

In a dream, a dead end usually represents the obvious, namely the sense of one’s efforts coming to naught, or pursuing a line of research and reaching a “dead end.”

dead end

1. A length of pipe leading from a soil, waste, or vent pipe, building drain, or building sewer, which is terminated by a plug, cap, or other closed fitting; there is no circulation in this length of pipe, and no waste from a plumbing fixture is fed into it.
2. The point of fastening in a running rope system where the other end is fastened to a rope drum.
3. In concrete work, the end opposite that to which a load is applied.
4. A portion of a corridor in which the travel to an exit is in one direction only.
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Selectman Maurice DePalo said there's no practical way to make the street a dead end because there is no land for vehicles to turn around.
Background : This project will improve water quality by eliminating three dead end lines, Improve system reliability by removing substandard pipe material (asbestos), Improve water
Several said it appeared the man was attempting to escape the gunmen when the victim drove into the dead end and was cornered.
Protech Asphalt of New Castle was awarded the largest contract, $1,555,503 to pave Rettig, Bartholomew, Clearview, Festor and Gail drives; Rockwell Drive between the dead ends; Cohasset Drive from Rockwell to Rettig Drive; Lillian Drive between the dead end just north of Rettig and Parkview Drive; Woodlawn Drive from Parkview north to the dead end; Fairfield Drive from Parkview north to the dead end; Candy Lane; and the back part of the municipal building parking lot.
The details are all wrong and the destination is a dead end that is dramatically unsatisfying.
But from a research perspective, he suspects it's "a dead end.
With Tom Hanks providing the voice of Jackson (his many postcards to his wife - whose own thoughts on the venture, alas, are lost to history - have been preserved), we relive every flat tire, every dead end, every unforeseen obstacle and every town that greeted him as a hero.
In a separate study, Lieberman is analyzing differences in diet between the line of hominids that evolved into modern humans and their cousins, who turned out to be an evolutionary dead end.
boisei also exhibited a remarkably stubborn devotion to its distinctive look for more than 1 million years, until the Paranthropus lineage hit an evolutionary dead end.
Acosta refused to pull over, and deputies pursued the vehicle until it reached a dead end at the campground.
Friday, the driver of the Blazer turned out the car's lights and drove east on Northbank Drive to the dead end.
Clay minerals, he contends, lock up any internally synthesized polymers and "would thus seem to lead to a dead end from the point of view of molecular function and evolution.