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city (1990 pop. 1,830), seat of Lawrence co., W S.Dak.; settled 1876 after discovery of gold. A Black Hills tourist center, it is also a trade hub for a lumbering, stock-raising, and mining region. Built in a narrow canyon, with houses climbing the steep sides, Deadwood Gulch (so called because its trees had been killed by fire) boomed and waned with the discovery and abandonment of nearby gold and silver mines. Its history is commemorated in the Adams Memorial Museum and an annual "Days of '76" celebration. The graves of Wild Bill HickokHickok, Wild Bill,
1837–76, American frontier marshal, b. Troy Grove, near Ottawa, Ill. His real name was James Butler Hickok. He took part in the Kansas struggle preceeding the Civil War, was a driver of the Butterfield stage line, and gained fame as a gunfighter.
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 (shot in a saloon here during a card game) and Calamity JaneCalamity Jane
, c.1852–1903, American frontier character, b. Princeton, Mo. Her real name was Martha Jane Canary, and the origin of her nickname is obscure. Little is known of her early life beyond the fact that she moved with her parents to Virginia City, Mont.
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 are in Deadwood's "Boot Hill." Gambling casinos, legalized in 1989, now dominate Deadwood's economy.



the underwater part of a vessel’s tapered bow and stern sections at the places where the keel and the stem and the sternpost join. In the stern deadwood of vessels with one propeller a waterproof metal tube is constructed (deadwood tube) through which the shaft of the propeller is brought outside. The area of the side projection and form of deadwood, especially of stern deadwood, have an influence on the controllability of the vessel.


1. Dead tree limbs or branches.
2. Wood from dead trees.
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His history is very sketchy, but there were a lot of bars and saloons in Deadwood and I think my Swearengen is a lot of characters rolled into one.
If nothing else, Deadwood looks brilliantly realistic - crowded streets packed with people, horses, tents and stalls selling everything from bedpans to shots of whisky.
And most everyone seemed to agree that the post office, at least the one in Deadwood, is more than just a place to buy stamps.
The one in Deadwood doesn't see much traffic, postal clerk Kathy Robinson said.
Don't forget, Deadwood was an illegal camp on Indian territory, so they couldn't pretend they had their own jurisdiction, and he's constantly worried about the Government coming in and taking all their claims, because it was a huge, huge gold mine.
Distribution sites open today: In Creswell, Deadwood, Dexter, Dorena, Florence, Lowell, Mapleton, Oakridge, Westfir and selected sites in Eugene and Springfield
The Deadwood Community Center is at 91792 Deadwood Creek Road, off Highway 36.
Total operating costs and expenses, excluding the additional impairment loss of $250,000 relating to the proposed sale of the Deadwood Gulch Resort, decreased from the same quarter in 1995 by $141,173.
McRaney is best known for his starring roles in the television series Major Dad and Simon and Simon and recent appearances on The West Wing, JAG and HBO's Deadwood.
DEADWOOD - As she does whenever she gets a chance since her son died in a car accident five years ago, Mary McMaster drove out to the Deadwood Cemetery last week to place flowers on Jonathon's grave.
When the series opened, Swearengen ruled Deadwood -- to the extent that it could be ruled -- with a mercilessness leavened only by his profane philosophizing.