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1. a period of ten consecutive years
2. a group or series of ten



(1) A ten-day period. During the French Revolution, the week was replaced by the decade.

(2) A group of ten—in antiquity, a group of soldiers, for example.

(3) A ten-day period of time devoted to some social event or special occasion—for example, a decade of Ukrainian literature or a decade of Azerbaijani music.


A group or assembly of 10 units; for example, a decade counter counts 10 in one column, and a decade box inserts resistance quantities in multiples of powers of 10.
(science and technology)
The interval between any two quantities having the ratio of 10 to 1.
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Susman concluded, "We merrily tick off decades, give them tricky names, and assume that that is what history is all about.
By the second half of the decade, that proportion had doubled.
Instead, they prefer to see the past two decades as one disaster after another.
I think that both aspects of the decade need to be held in mind if we are to find a suitable name.
49ers -- They rode into the decade on the shoulders of Terrell Owens, winning 12 games in 2001 and 10 in 2002, making the playoffs in both seasons.
Internally, the past decade was about transforming MTNA into what it needed to be in terms of accountability to the members and fidelity to its mission.
Many residents have left their central neighbourhoods and relocated to the outskirts, where peripheral neighbourhoods have grown--some substantially--over the last few decades.
Compared with the upheaval and white-hot transformation of the '60s, the decade Garry Marshall built always seemed petty, small, ridiculous.
It would take at least two decades before India could improve its infrastructure to China's present-day level.
That's because boosting summertime temperatures 1[degrees]C or so typically triggers increased shrub growth within a decade, whereas conversion of tundra to forest occurs more slowly.