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decal, decalcomania

Colored designs on special paper for transfer to unglazed or glazed ceramic ware or glass.
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Crespo's House Bill 733 prohibits vehicle dealerships from allowing drivers to leave the premises in a car with signs, decals or paperwork still on the front windshield or windows.
Emirates will dedicate a total of 40 aircraft from its fleet, both Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, to be emblazoned with the dedicated Expo 2020 decals starting in 2017 through to the end of Expo 2020 Dubai.
The Emirates Aircraft Appearance Centre has installed a number of eye-catching decals on Emirates' aircraft over the years including the majestic "United for Wildlife" decals and a number of customised decals celebrating Emirates' football partnerships and a global love for sports.
What's more, decals do not damage the finish on your instrument, and they are relatively inexpensive.
The City of Winnipeg announced it will post the decals in downtown and inner-city recreational facilities.
Slow Down to Get Around decals are just one way that we can get drivers to pay better attention to our workers and collection vehicles.
New vest designs and decals for use with inCourage System units allow patients to show their style and give them another way to personalize their therapy, the company said.
Pricing for side decals start at PS81 while the roof/bonnet decals start at PS127.
The decals come in Candy Carnival, Black and White Bling, Woodlands and Backwoods design themes.
The law took effect this month and requires self-service gasoline pumps to display a decal with the station's phone number so someone can call for assistance.
Make images on reusable stencils, silk screens and relief blocks; use overglazes, underglazes, engobes and coloured red slips to craft unique monoprints; or create decals from ceramic inks or laser prints.