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see Boccaccio, GiovanniBoccaccio, Giovanni
, 1313–75, Italian poet and storyteller, author of the Decameron. Born in Paris, the illegitimate son of a Tuscan merchant and a French woman, he was educated at Certaldo and Naples by his father, who wanted him to take up commerce and law.
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Decameron is the only hotel chain in Colombia, and one of only a few worldwide, to have volunteered for Hospitality Experience auditing and certification.
The structure of the book makes it easy to read, with every chapter dedicated to a different novel present in the Decameron, and to a different ethical problem that the author explains offering her point of view (and offering also all the tools so that every learners can form their own point of view on the matter).
The datum in question cannot be extracted from any other passage of the Decameron, even less so from Lisabetta's succinct tale.
With respect to Boccaccio's naming of protagonists in Decameron 2.
la estructura original donde un grupo de jovenes se refugian en una villa en las afueras de Florencia--la que en este caso es el hotel Decameron Cocos Resorts--para huir de la peste bubonica que azota la region.
The usual problems that bedevil translation are compounded by the task of translating a text like the Decameron, which was not only composed in a culturally distinct and temporally distant setting, but, like T.
Desde la primera vez que lei el Decameron, en mi juventud, pense que la situacion inicial que presenta el libro, antes de que comiencen los cuentos, es esencialmente teatral: atrapados en una ciudad atacada por la peste de la que no pueden huir, un grupo de jovenes se las arreglan sin embargo para fugar hacia lo imaginario, recluyendose en una quinta a contar cuentos.
A continuacion, y en honor a Bocaccio, extraemos de El decameron el proemio, para que sirva al lector de aperitivo y de atractivo banquete para animarlo a internarse entre las paginas de su centenar de historias:
4) The two types of narrative that function as her thematic and stylistic inspiration are detective subgenres, (5) as well as selected stories from the Decameron, specifically two from Day IV that explore the nuances of female victimization.
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Andrea Lombardi, em seguida, rele o Decameron de Bocaccio especialmente a partir do uso da ironia, especulando sobre as questoes que a obra pode produzir em nossa contemporaneidade.
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