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(organic chemistry)
C10H22 Any of several saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons, especially CH3(CH2)8CH3.



(n -decane), a saturated hydrocarbon, CH3(CH2)8 CH3; a colorless liquid. It has a melting point of -29.67°C, a boiling point of 174.12°C, and a density of 0.7299 g/cm3 (20°C). Its refractive index is n D20 1.4119. Decane can be obtained from straight-run petroleum cuts by careful fractional distillation, and it can be obtained synthetically from CO and H2 along with other normal saturated hydrocarbons. Decane is a component of light diesel fuels.

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2a shows the measured absorbance of a suspension of organic QD605 in decane while the dotted trace in Fig.
6)] decane and Nonadecane common to healthy ripe sweet pepper fruits while the methyl group of 1,2,3- Trimethylbenzene shifted to position four to yield 1,2,4- Trimethylbenzene in the spoilt fruits.
Decane hydroconversion with Al-Zr, Al-Hf, Al-Ce-pillared vermiculites.
This equation has been employed by our research group to fit experimental data for carbon dioxide absorption in linear alkanes (heptane, octane, decane, and dodecane) (Gomez-Daz and Navaza, 2005a) and mixtures of then (Gomez-Daz and Navaza, 2005b).
As shown in Figure 4, decane and undecane are the most abundant in the primer (18% and 36%) and are found in the topcoat latex.
Products range from methanol to alkane chains such as octane and decane (the constituents of gasoline and diesel fuel) to paraffin waxes, the specific product being largely determined by pressure and temperature conditions during the reaction and by the choice of catalysts.
In the western town of Decane, residents recounted how the local Serbian Orthodox monastery sheltered ethnic Albanians from a rampage by withdrawing soldiers.
5] decane (III), was prepared, mp 258-259[degrees]C.
gas) 34 Pentadecane 9 cis-2-Butene 35 1-Hexadecene 10 1-Pentene 36 Hexadecane 11 Pentane 37 1-Heptadecene 12 cis-2- Pentene 38 Heptadecane 13 1-Hexene 39 1-Octadecene 14 Hexane 40 Octadecane 15 cis-2- Hexene 41 1-Nonadecene 16 Benzene 42 Nonadecane 17 1-Heptene 43 1-Eicosene 18 Heptane 44 Eicosane 19 Toluene 45 1-Heneicosene 20 1-Octene 46 Heneicosane 21 Octane 47 1-Docosene 22 Xylene 48 Docosane 23 1-Nonene 49 1-Tricosene 24 Nonane 50 Tricosane 25 1-Decene 51 1-Tetracosene 26 Decane 52 Tetracosane Table 2.