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Serbian monastery in the autonomous region of Kosovo, on the Bistrica River.

Dečani was founded in the first third of the 14th century. The Church of the Pantocrator (1327-35; architect, Vit of Kotor; five aisles, with three apses and a three-aisled western narthex) combines features of the Roman basilica and the Byzantine cross-domed church with cupolas. Built of rows of polished marble of two colors with decorative carving (around the windows, portals, and capitals), the church is distinguished by its graceful symmetry and its festive appearance. In the interior, it is decorated with frescoes (1335-50), including portraits of the kings of the Nemanja family; there is a decorated wooden sarcophagus containing the remains of the founder of the monastery, King Stefan III. In the vestry are Serbian jewelry masterpieces and illuminated manuscripts of the 14th to 17th century.


Mijović, P. Dečani. Belgrade, 1963.
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During the heaviest fighting near Decani last May, as his brothers raised the volume of chanting to overcome the sound of automatic weapons fire outside, Janjic started bombarding the Internet with e-mails to journalists, politicians and diplomats.
Donations may also be sent directly to Decani Monastery Relief Fund, c/o Veljko Sikirica, 4 West Hill Street, Baltimore, Md.
In April 2006, ethnic Albanian President Fatmir Sejdiu visited Decani monastery for Orthodox Easter and spoke in Serbian while conversing with the clergy, marking the first time a president of Kosovo received and accepted such an invitation.
The conference determined that 75 priority cultural and religious monuments and sites would be restored, among them 48 Serbian Orthodox (including the Decani Monastery which UNESCO classified a World Heritage Site in 2004), 14 Islamic and 13 secular/historical.
Also near Decani, about 40 miles south-west of Pristina, mourners at a funeral of an Albanian killed by Serb police said the victim, Bilall Mazrekaj, was gunned down for no reason.
At issue are Serbian allegations that Kosovo has failed to protect Serbian cultural and religious sites on its land, including four on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites -- the Gracanica and Decani monasteries, the patriarchal complex in Pec/Peje, and the Church of the Virgin of Ljevisa.
In addition to limited exposure, expository text is challenging because it typically addresses complicated or abstract content about which students have limited background knowledge (Williams, Hall, Lauer, Stafford, DeSisto, & deCani, 2005; Williams et al.
Pro hujusmodi volunt esse et sunt eclesiarum praepositi, decani, archidiaconi, episcopi, archiepiscopi.
The Vienna-based South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO), a network of editors, media executives and leading journalists in South East Europe and an affiliate of the International Press Institute (IPI), strongly condemns the alleged mistreatment of a reporter and cameraman working for KohaVision in Decan/ Decani in Kosovo, by Lieutenant Sejde Krasniqi.
The proud and dedicated Italians, however, protected the fourteenth century Monastery at Decani, vowing not to evacuate their post and defend the lives of the monks, as well as the precious property, which was designated a world heritage site in 2004.
Stephen Decani, Partner for sales at ARCH commented, "we are extremely pleased to be the first ICC listed on the CISX.
Protestants also reported that Decani Municipality denied them permission to build a church facility on privately owned land they had purchased, citing negative reaction from local citizens, and that the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning upheld the decision.