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A method for mechanical dewatering of a wet solid by pouring off the liquid without disturbing underlying sediment or precipitate.



the pouring off of liquid from underlying sediment. Decantation is a laboratory and technical method of washing amorphous precipitates, making possible a more complete removal of mother liquor than does washing the precipitate through a filter. It is also used to extract soluble substances from powdered solid raw material (for example, for removing the sugar solution after treating sugar beet cossettes with hot water).


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19) De la magie du paysage a la projection d'une image, qui se sedimente dans la memoire: "incantation de l'image, decantation du texte" (L'Espace, 178), observe l'auteur.
8) La barranque est un bassin de decantation des boues issues de l'activite du chantier d'orpaillage.
It then undergoes a second decantation in the dual decantation reservoirs and the process continues via the oil skimmer, filtration and cooling, with cooling towers calculated to withstand a temperature variation of 15 degrees centigrade (45[degrees]C inflow and 30[degrees]C outflow).
As a precautionary measure a series of automatic-cleaning filters are used, in case any particles are still present after the decantation phase.
The as-received material was purified by careful aqueous dispersion and decantation.
The beads so prepared were collected by decantation, washed with distilled water and dried for 6 hours, at room temperature, in sunlight and 10 hours in hot air oven at 40[degrees]C temperature.
We used a standard decantation method for which the supernatant with organisms was decanted and observed under a microscope at 20x.
After removal of the lysing solution by centrifugation for 5 min at 200g and decantation of the supernatant, another washing step with PBS supplemented with heat-inactivated fetal calf serum and sodium azide was performed.
According to the results (Table 1), both samples had relatively high amount of sediments that were not properly removed by decantation and filtration.
Decantation: Once dry the compost is passed through a sieve, where the decantation process eliminates paper remains, plastic, etc.
Once this decantation has been completed, I discover scenes so full of precise detail that I sometimes wonder if the very vividness of these memories isn't a sign of the great void my father's death left in me, as if, since then, nothing of equal significance had occurred to leave a lasting impression.