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a city in southwestern Czechoslovakia, in the Czech Socialist Republic, in the province of North Bohemia, on the Labe River. Population, 44,200 (1970). It has a landing stage and a railroad junction. In Děčín there are machine-building, chemical, and food industries.

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Operation and management of public toilets in the statutory city of Decin.
In February 2015, Constellium announced that it is investing[euro]23 million in its manufacturing site located in Decin, Czech Republic to increase capacity in the production of hard alloy bars and profiles.
Le traitement des h[R] patites et du ressort du m[R] decin traitant et de lui seul.
SeeNews) - Jul 24, 2014 -A Czech public transport company in the northern town of Decin has awarded a bus supply deal worth about CZK 20.
Several highways were shut down, and the extreme cold was making rails brittle, forcing railway authorities to stop train services in places along the route between Prague and Decin on the western border.
This is a good example of how better instruments can change our picture completely," said Leen Decin, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, the lead author of the paper about this work.
2 million d think that had huge ses, but in is money dly needed the decin was total madness.
It also flourishes on the Elbe between Madgeburg and the Czech frontier port of Decin, formerly Tetschen, which allows the tour-companies comfortably to package Dresden and its galleries with Berlin and Prague; and to sail into Dresden in the twilight is probably the one approach to it which emphasizes what survives of its grandeur and not what was lost in the Second World War.
2007 Decin, Works by Baroque Peruvian Composer, 19.
University, Bloomington, BRONISLAVA VOLKOVA was born in Decin,
The former Thun Collection in Decin belongs in the Narodni Knihovna in Prague, not the Klaster Premonstratu na Strahove formerly the Strahov Library (721).
on waste and amending certain other acts, as amended, in the City of Decin (hereinafter referred to as scrap yard), which will be defined below the operating time of purchase to ensure the collection and further defined wastes and their subsequent recovery or disposal, depending on the species waste.