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a city in southwestern Czechoslovakia, in the Czech Socialist Republic, in the province of North Bohemia, on the Labe River. Population, 44,200 (1970). It has a landing stage and a railroad junction. In Děčín there are machine-building, chemical, and food industries.

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5 m, The st nad labem region, The decin district and its neighboring districts in the czech republic for a period of 5 years (hereinafter also referred to as "category a vehicles"), Including the check-in and information system.
1: Names of municipalities where respondents live Place of residence Number Distance in km Jirkov 11 14 Decin 11 36 Chomutov d 21 Praha 18 124 Most 20 29 Teplice 22 12 Usti nad Labem 31 24 Other locals 45 within 50 km Other visitors 28 more than 50 km Source: own Tab.
Marloue Decin of the Army's 15th Infantry Battalion said his troops worked with Perlas during a medical mission in the remote village of Karkum in Sapad on Tuesday.
As Leen Decin, a professor at the KU Leuven Institute of Astronomy (KULIA) in Belgium, said in a statement: "The fate of the Earth is still uncertain.
Paul Warton, president of Constellium's Automotive Structures and Industry business unit, said, 'Constellium's continued investment in the plant in Decin will further expand our production capacity and flexibility for aluminium hard alloy bars and profiles to meet increasing demand from our automotive customers across Europe.
Retail spaces have also been expanding with three new shopping complexes breaking ground in H12014 with the opening of Galerie Teplice, OC Luziny and Pivovar Decin.
SeeNews) - Jul 24, 2014 -A Czech public transport company in the northern town of Decin has awarded a bus supply deal worth about CZK 20.
The town of Decin processed strategic mapping for its municipal authority.
In early August 2010, the Northern Czech Republic, in particular the Liberec Region and the neighbouring district of Decin, experienced unusually heavy rainfall that caused floods that destroyed vital infrastructure, particularly in the transport, water and energy sectors, as well as many homes.
Several highways were shut down, and the extreme cold was making rails brittle, forcing railway authorities to stop train services in places along the route between Prague and Decin on the western border.
This is a good example of how better instruments can change our picture completely," said Leen Decin, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, the lead author of the paper about this work.