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(computer science)
The computer operation of determining if a certain relationship exists between words in storage or registers, and taking alternative courses of action; this is effected by conditional jumps or equivalent techniques.



in law, an enactment of a soviet of people’s deputies or its executive committee, within the rights vested in it. A decision is adopted at a session of a soviet or at a session of its executive committee by a majority vote. The so-called mandatory decisions, which entail administrative responsibility if they are violated, constitute a special group.

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However, as one becomes increasingly infirm or incapacitated, values about autonomy frequently attenuate, and more complexities are introduced as proxy decision makers become involved.
Therefore every decision which a person makes creates a new future and a set of virtually infinite consequences.
Prior to data collection and analysis it is not entirely known how or if different stakeholders within the web influence a particular decision and to what degree.
Failure for inadequate cognitive executive decision-making skills can be attributed to: (a) schools that fail to teach these skills; (b) inadequate student exposure to decision making experiences: and (c) failure to provide students with disabilities opportunities to make decisions.
Options thinking explicitly considers the benefits of delaying a decision or financial commitment in an uncertain environment.
In the case of Section 409, it's obvious that a company that has invested in decision support is better able to meet the reporting requirements.
Klein, Naturalistic Decision Making (Mowah, NJ: Lawrence Earlbaum, 1997), 49-59.
In the past year, a few prominent colleges--including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Mary Washington College (VA)--have dropped Early Decision programs.
Most importantly, they show you 10 major ways for decisions to go wrong.
The proposed procedure provides specific guidelines aimed at facilitating career decision making and increasing the quality of the process and its outcomes, while taking into consideration the limited cognitive and material resources of the individual who is deliberating the options.
The camp decision process continues to be complex, with many different factors converging on both parents and children.
The larger the role an active data warehouse plays in the operational aspects of decision support, the more incentive the business has to automate its decision processes-both for efficiency and consistency in decision-making.