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the art of rhetorically delivering poetry or prose.

In ancient Rome, declamation, or exercise in elocution, was an important element of rhetoric. In France, declamation was the art of delivering speeches and poems on the stage. In the classical theater of the 17th and 18th centuries the concept of declamation encompassed the entire range of methods, including gesture and mimicry, that an actor could use in playing his role. Classicism canonized the solemnly elevated, melodious, and conventional manner of dramatic speech that met the norms of court taste.

The development of romantic and realistic tendencies in the theater of the late 18th and early 19th century led to the decline of classical declamation. Romanticism proclaimed the freedom of the actor’s inspiration and feeling; realism made the actor’s speech and whole behavior on the stage dependent on the character he portrayed, with all his individual and typical traits. With time, the word “declamation” began to designate a false, stilted manner of speaking. K. Stanislavsky considered declamation to be one of the most flagrant manifestations of vacuity and hyprocrisy in the art of acting.

For a long time, a concert reading of poetry from the stage was called a declamation, with no pejorative connotation. In this sense the term “declamation” was later supplanted by “recitation.”

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In the English declamation, the first prize was won by Asad Ali from Government College University Lahore, while Aiman Khan from Cadet College Pishin was declared second.
Ferdinand von Bothmer as Harald and Jorg Sabrowski as Gothron have proved to be examples of the unquestionable qualities of the German voice school, at least when it came to declamation and vocal technique.
For Stephen Rice ("Reverse Accentuation"), this concerns melodic and rhythmic contours that imitate (mimic) spoken declamation of the text, which in turn elucidates performance practice.
There was no routine declamation but passionate and engaged musical narration which drew us into the story.
La veillee religieuse a ete marquee par la recitation de versets du Saint Coran et la declamation de panegyriques du Prophete Sidna Mohammed, que la paix et la benediction de Dieu soient sur Lui.
La ceremonie religieuse au mausolee a ete marquee par la declamation de versets du Saint Coran et oE l'assistance a eleve des prieres implorant le Tout-puissant de preserver SM le Roi Mohammed VI, Amir Al Mouminine, et de combler le Souverain en les personnes de SAR le Prince Heritier Moulay El Hassan, SAR le Prince Moulay Rachid et de l'ensemble des membres de l'illustre Famille royale.
PESHAWAR, May 25 -- A declamation contest on health of mother-child and cleanliness was held under the joint auspices of Pakistan Village Development Programme (PVDP) and Paiman in Government Higher Secondary School Urmar Lower.
Manonit a" a good elocutionist a" says that WORDZ gives tips to students on public speaking and encourages them to participate in debates and declamation contests.
Politics and prophecy, as they influence Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay, is at the center of Brian Walsh's contribution, while John Curran uses declamation as a rhetorical strategy in order to focus on character in the Fletcher-Massinger plays.
In a presidential declamation dated October 8, which was released on Sunday, Arroyo said: "Punctuality and civility are two indispensable virtues that our citizenry must possess if we are to aspire for a peaceful, prosperous and united society.
Most typically the settings display syllabic declamation of the poetry, the majority of which is secular and written by contemporary poets, such as Martin Opitz, August Buchner, Johann Rist, Philipp von Zesen, and a number of others (including a few composers).
Rather small in stature, but (for a lyric baritone) surprisingly big in the decibels and declamation departments, the Polish baritone was a physically volatile antihero with a hair-trigger temper, and he stalked his female prey like a jungle cat, not a Spanish nobleman.