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A heterotrophic organism (including bacteria and fungi) which breaks down the complex compounds of dead protoplasm, absorbs some decomposition products, and releases substances usable by consumers. Also known as microcomposer; microconsumer; reducer.



an apparatus that decomposes aluminate solutions in order to isolate crystalline aluminum hydroxide.

A decomposer is fitted with a mechanical stirrring device or an air mixer. A decomposer with mechanical stirring consists of a steel tank (diameter and height, 8 m), inside which a chain stirrer turns slowly in order to keep the seeding crystals in suspension. Air-stirred decomposers have come into extensive use (height, about 30 m; diameter, 8 m; available capacity, over 1,000 cu m). The stirring equipment consists of two vertical tubes along the decomposer’s axis. The inner tube, through which compressed air is sent under a pressure of 0.5 meganewtons per sq m, is 300 mm shorter than the outer one.

Air mixing with the solution forms an air-pulp mixture less dense than the pulp itself. Rising through the space between the tubes, this mixture attracts adjacent layers of pulp, mixes with them, and creates continuous upward motion of the pulp. Decomposers are connected in series (10-15 units). The aluminate solution and seeding are sent continuously to the head decomposers of each series, while the hydrated pulp is removed continuously from the tail end.


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a saprophytic organism that mineralizes dead organic matter, that is, breaks organic matter down into more or less simple inorganic compounds. The overwhelming majority of decomposers are microorganisms that live in soil and water. They belong to the group of consumers.

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The antioxidants are usually classified according to their functions into radical scavengers (primary AO) and hydroperoxide decomposers (secondary AO).
The decomposer hike took place outside the visitor center along the same looping trail as adopt-a-tree.
Growth studies as the one in the extant context are related to the systemic growth paths with full employment of resources that are available in question, in the present case terrestrial organisms -oxygen consumption-dead organic matter and decomposer organisms.
Chen Fong Environmental specialises in producing food waste decomposers which create compost and in recycling glass and ceramics into bricks that are highly absorbent and hold water," said company representative Tony Kang.
Manzate 800, in general, provoked an improvement in the most decomposed substrates (Table 1--right), an indication that the existing decomposer funguses present in these substrates were capable of attacking seedlings.
Hence, to understand the full potentiality of earthworms as waste decomposer, it is essential to study the growth and reproduction of earthworms that could be cultured on variety of organic wastes.
That lack of salt keeps decomposer numbers in check, while plants, which don't need salt, flourish, piling up carbon on the forest floor when they die.
To be fair, there is some debate surrounding where on the spectrum of parasite to simple decomposer the maitake lies.
Decomposition is controlled by climate (temperature and moisture availability), soil nutrients, the decomposer community and leaf chemistry (Swift and others 1979).
But here forensic scientists, soil scientists, archaeologists, and others discuss the process of decomposition in soils, the decomposer in the soil, and the basic physiochemical composition of the soil as its relates to forensic science and taphonomy.
The endothermic reaction is carried out by passing nickel carbonyl gas, mixed with carbon monoxide, through a reactor which is known as the decomposer, containing a moving packed bed of hot nickel pellets.
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