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1 River, c.90 mi (140 km) long, rising in the CairngormsCairngorms
, group of mountains forming part of the Grampian Mts, in Highland, Moray, and Aberdeenshire, central Scotland, between the Dee and the upper Spey rivers; they rise to c.4,300 ft (1,310 m).
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, Aberdeenshire, E Scotland, and flowing E past Ballater to the North Sea through an artificial channel at Aberdeen. The channel was constructed (1872) to improve Aberdeen's harbor. Celebrated for its beauty, the Dee also has notable salmon fisheries. 2 River, c.50 mi (80 km) long, rising in Dumfires and Galloway, SW Scotland, and flowing generally S to the Irish Sea. There are five power stations in the Dee basin.


Welsh Dyfrdwy, river, c.70 mi (110 km) long, rising in the Cambrian Mts., Gwynedd, NW Wales, and flowing NE through Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake), then meandering through a picturesque course NE, N, and NW along the border with England and past Chester to the Irish Sea. At low tide the long, broad, shallow estuary is an expanse of sand, across which the narrow stream flows. Thomas TelfordTelford, Thomas,
1757–1834, Scottish civil engineer. He greatly improved road building in England and Scotland. He introduced the use of a base of large stones surfaced with compacted layers of small stones.
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's aqueduct crosses the Dee near Trevor. Sluices at the outlet of Llyn Tegid control the river's flow.


A hollow accelerating-cyclotron electrode in the shape of the letter D. Also known as cyclotron D; D.


John. 1527--1608, English mathematician, astrologer, and magician: best known for his preface (1570) to the first edition of Euclid in English


1. a river in N Wales and NW England, rising in S Gwynedd and flowing east and north to the Irish Sea. Length: about 112 km (70 miles)
2. a river in NE Scotland, rising in the Cairngorms and flowing east to the North Sea. Length: about 140 km (87 miles)
3. a river in S Scotland, flowing south to the Solway Firth. Length: about 80 km (50 miles)
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