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Deep Fryer


a device for frying foods by immersing them in hot fat. The temperature to which the fat is heated ranges from 135° to 180°C, depending on the kind of food being cooked.

Deep fryers are batch-operated or continuously operated, with the fat being heated directly or indirectly. The cooking chamber is a container made of aluminum or stainless steel and filled with the fat. In a directly heated fryer, tubular electric heaters are mounted in the chamber. In a fryer that uses indirect heating, the chamber has double walls, between which is a heat-transfer agent heated by gas burners or tubular electric heaters.

A continuous-operation fryer immerses the food with a conveyor that moves through the fat. The ratio of the weight of the fat to that of the article being fried is 1:4 in the batch fryer and 1:20 in the continuous-operation unit.

Electric frying pans are also used for frying foods in fat.

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Rob Clow, head of the brigade's community safety academy, said: "We visit people's properties to carry out home fire safety checks and we will offer to exchange a chip pan for a deep fat frier where appropriate.
Staff at Easington's Tiger Inn stress that the pub is open and ready for business despite rumours to the contrary after a fire in a deep fat frier in the kitchen.
The first 50 Tristar tenants to arrange a check can exchange their chip pan for a safer deep fat frier.
A MOBILE chip shop owner was thrown into his deep fat frier when a car ploughed into his van.
Don't attempt to use a deep fat frier - the fish cakes have a tendency to break up.
I'm afraid that deep fat friers have had their chips at Walsall schools.
They say families should replace the traditional pan with much safer deep fat friers, even though they cost more.
And its dinner ladies are vying for a top honour after ditching their deep fat friers.