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Deep Fryer


a device for frying foods by immersing them in hot fat. The temperature to which the fat is heated ranges from 135° to 180°C, depending on the kind of food being cooked.

Deep fryers are batch-operated or continuously operated, with the fat being heated directly or indirectly. The cooking chamber is a container made of aluminum or stainless steel and filled with the fat. In a directly heated fryer, tubular electric heaters are mounted in the chamber. In a fryer that uses indirect heating, the chamber has double walls, between which is a heat-transfer agent heated by gas burners or tubular electric heaters.

A continuous-operation fryer immerses the food with a conveyor that moves through the fat. The ratio of the weight of the fat to that of the article being fried is 1:4 in the batch fryer and 1:20 in the continuous-operation unit.

Electric frying pans are also used for frying foods in fat.

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Case studies in the field demonstrate that FriPura extends the life of cooking oil--often by more than lOOpercent leading to significant savings on the cost of deep fat fryer oils.
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less than a quarter of the fat content in regular fries, that is lower than any deep fat fryer, making Actifry the healthiest way to cook & enjoy great tasting fries," said Shonila Misra, product manager MEA, Indian Subcontinent & French Overseas Territories.
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