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The findings support Defenders of Wildlife and Petco's new initiative to reduce destructive fishing practices.
Defenders of Wildlife began the year with an acquisition mailing, Kirchoff said.
Defenders of Wildlife is one of several cases indicating that the courts have begun to question the basic philosophical principles of modern environmentalism.
Four activities based on National Standards in language arts, science, and geography present compelling ecological concepts based on the funny and thought-provoking context of the film and challenge students to get involved in issues that matter, using suggestions and resources offered by the National Wildlife Federation, the Endangered Species Coalition, and Defenders of Wildlife.
According to Defenders of Wildlife, fishermen started to notice a half century ago that schools of yellow fin tuna seemed to follow dolphins that swim higher in the water column, especially in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.
Defenders of Wildlife has approximately 500,000 member donors.
In a letter to Congress last week, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), Defenders of Wildlife and other conservation, wildlife, sustainable farming and anti-pesticide organizations outlined the importance of varied bat species to the ecosystem and the possibly devastating ramifications of their extinction.
The Defenders of Wildlife court also referred to a predecessor
With military costs mushrooming, the Bush administration has had little cash to tend to the ailing national wildlife refuge system (see "Seeking Sanctuary," features, March/April 2003), according to a new report by Defenders of Wildlife.
The Greater Yellowstone Coalition--which includes the local chapters of the National Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, and Defenders of Wildlife, among others--was a strong supporter of the Park Service's "let it burn" policy.
for Defenders of Wildlife, another environmental organization.
A fight against "conservation" groups, such as the Defenders of Wildlife, that sought to abolish afl hunting.