Joint Chiefs of Staff

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Joint Chiefs of Staff,

U.S. statutory agency, created in 1949 within the Dept. of Defense. The chairman is the principal military adviser to the President, the National Security Council, and the Secretary of Defense. Members include the chairman, appointed by the President with Senate approval; the chief of staff, U.S. army; the chief of naval operations; the chief of staff, U.S. air force; the commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, and a vice chairman who manages the Joint Staff. The Joint Chiefs prepare military plans and direct unified and other combat commands under the Secretary of Defense.
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Today, we need to reiterate this commitment that every effort will be made to further strengthen and improve the performance of civil defense department, 'concluded the Chief Minister.
The Defense Department is the leader among federal agencies in using its contractual power to cause its vendors to improve their cybersecurity.
His Majesty was briefed by Al-Kofahi about the civil defense duties and achievements, and also about the developmental projects as part of the strategic plan which included bilateral agreements with other civil defense departments and concerned international organizations to boost the field capabilities of Jordan's civil defense department.
Just recently, Siemens was awarded a Defense Department contract worth up to $267 million to sell medical imaging equipment to the military.
However, Mark Zaid, the attorney for Schaffer and Smith, said the Defense Department had told him that his clients would not be allowed to testify.
But based strictly on Pentagon contracts, the combined company would still lag behind Lockheed and Boeing, according to the Defense Department.
For areas outside the United States, the full set of data--an enormous constellation of topographic points about 30 horizontal meters apart--will be available only to the Defense Department and to scientists with certain security clearances.
The right hand of the Defense Department doesn't know what the left hand is doing," says C.
DoD costs to date for these efforts are in excess of $115 million, and are supported under the Defense Department appropriation for Overseas Humanitarian, Disaster, and Civic Aid (OHDACA).
And sitting in the middle of it all is the Defense Department, which reviews just about every strategic export license application received by the U.
In 1993, the Defense Department described Fuertes Caminos as "establishing the conditions that inspire stable democratic institutions," "nation building," and "promoting the human rights of their citizens.
Although the nation's military policies have not always been sensitive to stewardship principles, by the end of the Second World War Defense Department planners were beginning to recognize the linkages between land management and their ability to maintain high levels of combat readiness.

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