Deformed bar

deformed bar

[dē¦fȯrmd ¦bär]
(civil engineering)
A steel bar with projections or indentations to increase mechanical bonding; used to reinforce concrete.

Deformed bar

A reinforcing bar made with a pattern of protruding ridges to produce a better bond between the bar and the concrete.

deformed bar, deformed reinforcing bar

deformed bars
A steel reinforcing bar which is manufactured
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SS Steel particularizes in high-end deformed bar product line, including SS Tiger 500W TMT bar.
a leading supplier in Taiwan of deformed steel bar, recently cut prices for scrap steel and deformed bar by NT$200 per metric ton, following the downtrend in such prices since the beginning of June.
The company's core products fall into deformed bar, wire rod and medium plate.
deformed bar, 10mm 42 pcs, deformed bar, 12mm 26 pcs.
The types of its product include round bar and deformed bar measuring 12mm 45 mm and shafting bar measuring 12 mm-45 mm.
Among steel products produced by GGB are anchor bar, square bar, wire nail, round & deformed bar, wire mesh and wire rod.
About prospects for the next three years, Syed said investment in deformed bars cut and bend facility in profile making would likely strengthen Pan Gulf Steel's market share.
The reinforced steel used is deformed bars Grade 60 and up to 40 millimeters in diameter and with yield strength of 520 MPa.
The reinforced steel used is deformed bars Grade 60 and up to 40mm in diametre and with yield strength of 520 MPa.
The third major player in Lebanon's steel sector, Yared Steel, won contracts to supply structured steel and deformed bars to several major hospitality projects under construction, including the Summerland resort, the Hyatt hotel, and the expansion of the Albergo, according to the company's owner and general manager, Karim Yared.
Indoferro Ciwandan, Banten Pig iron--500,000 Deformed bars & Steel plates--2 million PT.
Spanning approximately 51,000 square feet, its facility in the Muballah area, is expected to facilitate the storage of deformed bars and other structured steel like angles, channels, and plates.