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The analyzed proteins include the complex I or NADH dehydrogenase subunits, the A and B subunits of complex II or succinate dehydrogenase, and various subunits of complex III or cytochrome bcl.
We found that the sperm-specific lactate dehydrogenase (LDH-C4) gene Ldh-c is expressed in plateau pika skeletal muscles.
Defects in isovaleryl-CoA, 2 methylbutyryl-CoA, and hexanoyl-CoA dehydrogenases cause accumulation of their respective CoA esters, which conjugate with glycine to form
The highest soil dehydrogenase activity was recorded in application of N and [K.
3 Glucose-6phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) catalyzes the rate-determining step in the pentose phosphate pathway and produces NADPH to fuel glutathione recycling.
In humans, this primary pathway of ethanol metabolism involves oxidation to acetaldehyde by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH).
In addition to land degradation, soil dehydrogenase activity may be affected by changing season, in particular, a wet/dry seasonal cycle.
Thus, systems and methods are provided for the recombinant expression of secoisolariciresinol dehydrogenases that may be used to facilitate the production, isolation and purification of significant quantities of recombinant secoisolariciresinol dehydrogenase for subsequent use, to obtain expression or enhanced expression of secoisolariciresinol dehydrogenase in plants in order to enhance, or otherwise alter, lignan biosynthesis, or may be employed for the regulation or expression of secoisolariciresinol dehydrogenase.