Delaware Bay

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Delaware Bay:

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, river, c.280 mi (450 km) long, rising in the Catskill Mts., SE N.Y., in east and west branches, which meet at Hancock. It flows SE along the New York–Pennsylvania border to Port Jervis, N.Y.
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, river.
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Hand tongs, patent tongs, and dredges have been used in Maryland's estuaries, while dredges have been used much of the time in New Haven Harbor, Delaware Bay, most Louisiana estuaries, and Puget Sound.
Multiple stable reference points in oyster populations: biological relationships for the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) in Delaware Bay.
Considerable lengths of tributaries to the Delaware River downstream of Trenton, and even more so to Delaware Bay (Figure 2), are tidal.
The historical study was conducted in a rocky habitat near Cape Henlopen at the southern terminus of Delaware Bay, and comparative data were collected from locations within 50 km of the historical site.
Delaware Bay and Raritan Bay), this conversion factor provided a relatively close estimate of total weight.
KEY WORDS: oyster, transplant, Delaware Bay, New Jersey, fishery management, Crassostrea virginica
east coast whelk pot fishery, but their harvest is being restricted because of severe population declines in the Chesapeake and Delaware bays.
The Asian shore crab Hemigrapsus sanguineus is native to the temperate east coast of Asia (Ai-Yun & Yang 1991) and was first observed in North America near the mouth of Delaware Bay in 1988 (Williams & McDermott 1990, McDermott 1991).
Over-wintering of adults in Delaware Bay could explain, in part, differences in estimates from ocean-trawl surveys.
AMATEUR rider Tom Dreaper signed off at Robert Alner's yard with a winner when Delaware Bay landed the 'hands and heels' handicap hurdle at Exeter but picked up a seven-day ban for using his whip in the contest.
This action served to transition the Delaware Bay lightering business to the Partnership in advance of the expected future delivery of three dropdown lightering ATBs.
Annual allocations for the Delaware Bay area states are determined through an innovative adaptive resource management model which takes into account changes in both the horseshoe crab and migratory shorebird populations to address the nutritional needs of the shorebirds.

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