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, English name given several closely related Native American groups of the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). In the 17th cent., they lived in what is now New Jersey, Delaware, E Pennsylvania, and SE New York.
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, Native North Americans.
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Henry Tiblow, the founder of Bonner Springs, was a Delaware Indian who was educated at the Shawnee Mission and served as a translator for the Delaware and Wyandotte tribes in the 1840s.
Henry Tiblow, the founder of Bonner Springs, was a Delaware Indian and we feel honored to welcome the tribe home," the Mayor said.
The word Loyalhanna, which comes from the Delaware Indian word lawelhanna meaning "middle river," is quite familiar throughout Latrobe Brewing's home region of western Pennsylvania.
Loyalhanna comes from a Delaware Indian word meaning "middle river.
Captured by the Delaware Indians in a raid on their home and transported over 300 miles of wilderness to Ohio, the sisters are sustained only by their abiding trust in God, and their hope of escape against all odds to be reunited with their family.
They also had to stay hidden from the Shawnee and Delaware Indians, who hunted in the area, as well as from wild animals.
The appalling difficulties of hacking a road straight west across the mountain ridges of Pennsylvania, from Carlisle to the forks of the Ohio, by a force commanded by an iron-willed British general so sick he had to be carried on a litter, has never been better described, nor has the concurrent effort to persuade the Delaware Indians to give up their support of the French and to make peace with the Anglo-Americans.
Why not recall the humanitarianism of William Penn, an early colonist who made peace with the Delaware Indians instead of warring on them, as other colonial leaders were doing?

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