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, English name given several closely related Native American groups of the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). In the 17th cent., they lived in what is now New Jersey, Delaware, E Pennsylvania, and SE New York.
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, Native North Americans.
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According to Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr, It is a good day for both the Cherokee Nation and the Delaware Tribe because this new agreement allows our Delaware brothers and sisters to return to the table and negotiate and deal with the federal government directly.
Moving forward, HUD will work with the Delaware Tribe to fund a housing program that will benefit Delaware citizens.
The Gillmann Group, a Las Vegas-based developer/manager of casino resort projects, and the Delaware Tribe have proposed to build a $250 million destination resort hotel and casino in Bonner Springs adjacent to the Kansas Speedway.
Placing the land into trust for the Delaware tribe by the BIA is one of the elements in the approval process to build the resort casino.
Gillmann said the land into trust application process with the BIA could take four to eight months and during that time, his company and the Delaware Tribe will seek to negotiate the compact with the Governor.
Chief Dee Ketchum, the presiding Chief of the Delaware Tribe of Indians, said that he "is pleased the Delaware Tribe of Indians is moving forward with this venture which should benefit the Tribe.
Akins, a member of the Delaware Tribe, stated, "We are very optimistic about this new venture, as it offers our company an opportunity to expand its asset base and establish a long-term economic development relationship with the Delaware Tribe of Indians.
Placing the land into trust for the Delaware Tribe by the BIA is one of the major elements in the approval process required to build the resort/casino.
The Delaware Tribe is proposing to share more than $11 million in the first year with local governments and the state would receive more than $28 million that first year.
Gillmann also said that his company and the Delaware Tribe have cooperated fully with the Unified Government on the project for over two years, including moving from more than one land parcel that did not fit into the master plan for the community.
Our project is fully financed and with the land purchase in place, the Delaware Tribe is filing a trust application with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and intends to open compact negotiations with Governor Kathleen Sebelius' office," Gillmann said.
Gillmann told the Council his company and the Delaware Tribe will build a world-class destination resort comparable to Las Vegas hotel/casinos.

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