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The earliest delftware was a faience, a heavy, brown earthenware with opaque white glaze and polychrome decoration, made in the late 16th cent. Some of the earliest imitations of Chinese and Japanese porcelain were made at Delft in the 17th cent. Delft was important as a pottery center from the mid-17th cent. to the end of the 18th cent. By 1850 little of the industry survived. The name delft is also often applied to the wares of similar nature made in 17th-century London, Bristol, and Liverpool.
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The moves comes two years after the much-criticised pounds 60 million re-branding, featuring designs from Delft pottery to Chinese calligraphy, were first unveiled.
Two eight-day tours of Holland that take in everything from the tulip fields of Keukenhof and the Delft pottery factory to the Hague and the old fishing village of Volendam are available through September from Trafalgar Tours.
Plates, Figures and Vase', an arched niche displaying Staffordshire and Delft pottery, a meticulous trompe l'oeil by Fredrick Clifford Harrison.
This scourer of country-house auctions had an eye for the rare and the unusual, grand or humble, and championed the regional and the vernacular, especially early oak furniture, treen, texiles and Delft pottery (Fig.
A Delft pottery 18th Century plate sold for pounds 160 while a pair of blue and white Delft chargers sold for pounds 480, and a Delft flower brick painted with buildings and flowers made pounds 400.
Included are visits to the fishing village of Volendam and to Monnickendam - home to clog and cheese factories and Delft pottery.
Tulip time: Visits to the tulip fields, the Kuekenhof Gardens, the Royal Het Loo Palace and the Royal Delft pottery factory will highlight an 11-day tour of Holland departing April 16.