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1. Archaic a person who fails in an obligation or duty
2. guilty of an offence or misdeed, esp one of a minor nature
3. failing in or neglectful of duty or obligation



in British and American law, a person who has not fulfilled an obligation imposed on him by law or contract; a person who has committed a violation or who has perpetrated a crime. The above meanings are the sources of the terms “delinquency” (a violation or crime) and “delinquent” (nonperformance of an obligation; for example, a tax not paid on time). In British legislation and in administrative-judicial practice, delinquents are minors whose behavior makes necessary the application of various measures of corrective influence provided by the criminal law or special legislation on youth, such as placement in correctional training institutions.


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March 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- With the addition of 41 new delinquent taxpayers to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue's tax delinquent list, a total of 275 businesses now owe the state more than $9.
Within their peer groups, some adolescent boys amplify their delinquent tendencies through fevered, one-on-one exchanges.
But researchers have yet to pin down a direct mechanism that might contribute to the development of delinquent behavior.
In 1926, for example, the Detention Home admitted 7,115 alleged delinquents, but the juvenile court only heard 2,265 delinquency cases.
Delinquents and nondelinquents show little difference in levels of intimacy, attachment, and self-disclosure; in fact, delinquents and females self-disclose more (Claes & Simard, 1992; Giordano et al.
Little Rock currently has 40 restaurants, meeting halls or motels that are at least one month delinquent, while North Little Rock lists 12 restaurants on its delinquent list.
The losses or damages that a delinquent can inflict have changed dramatically due to society's increasing dependence on computers.
Also a regular on delinquent lists is the Flatotel at 132 West 52nd Street.
In the area of delinquent behavior, each camper was known to be receiving probation services for a current delinquent petition.
Aside from any philosophical and common-sense disagreements one may have with the labeling theorists, the major question regarding expungement is whether juvenile delinquents are "normal" kids who simply make youthful mistakes that are unlikely to be repeated in adulthood.
Sixty-nine of the 124 businesses that have appeared on the tax delinquent list since it was posted in April have been removed from the site because they either paid their taxes in full or committed to a deferred payment plan.
This study focused on the degree to which delinquents and nondelinquents find norm violations acceptable in various circumstances.