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point of service

point of service, 3
1. The location at which service cables installed by an electrical utility company joins the customer’s service entrance conductors in one or more terminating enclosures.
2. The location at which a customer’s service entrance conductors joins the electrical utility company’s facilities in a transformer, vault, or enclosure.
3. The initial junction of the customer’s gas piping with either the gas company’s piping extending from the gas main and/or the regulator which reduces the pressure of an undiluted liquefied petroleum gas to the pressure normally delivered to appliances.
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The purpose of this contract is the supply and transmission of electricity, as well as the associated services necessary for continuous supply and without any alteration of the needs of the various delivery points of the members of the group and the provision of services.
Johnson Service Group plans to close 109 of its 307 Johnson Cleaners branches as it continues a shift away from traditional high street locations towards collection and delivery points within supermarkets.
Summary: Owners of gas stations in the northern region of Wadi Khaled blocked the main road to the area Monday to protest a UNHCR decision to relocate delivery points for its fuel assistance program elsewhere.
The final design, including capacity and delivery points, will be determined once any further binding commitments are received at the conclusion of the project's open period that closed on April 9.
2 in the buschkrugallee 21-33, 12359 berlin ("vz 2"), Each of which is responsible for the supply of food to certain delivery points of the vivantes group.
This project proposes the expansion of certain mainline and lateral facilities for points of delivery along ANR's existing mainline and lateral facilities within Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, and specific areas north of ANR's existing Sandwich Compressor Station in La Salle County, IL;, delivery points including and east of ANR's Marshfield interconnection with Viking Gas Transmission Company in Wood County, WI (Marshfield); delivery points including and east and north of ANR's interconnection with Northern Natural Gas Company in Rock County, WI; and delivery points west and south of ANR's Goodman Compressor Station in Marinette County, WI.
Description of the procurement: nationwide delivery points with predominantly normal office operations, as well as digitization centers using special office machines (including high-performance scanners).
Kern River Gas Transmission Company held a non-binding open season through June 18 to determine shipper interest in firm year-round transportation service from receipt points in Wyoming and Utah to delivery points into California.
At the delivery point dlz in roll containers specified by the customer, Which are suitable for the fts system, At the other delivery points in closed cabinet trolleys.