cash on delivery

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cash on delivery

Commerce a service entailing cash payment to the carrier on delivery of merchandise

Cash on Delivery


an accounting method used by individuals and organizations to meet monetary obligations incurred in the maritime transport of goods and in postal shipments. The dispatcher who ships the goods authorizes the appropriate transport or communications enterprise to deliver such goods to the recipient upon receipt of payment from the recipient or upon verification that such payment has been made through a bank. In the USSR, cash on delivery is widely used by commercial organizations that sell books and other goods by mail.

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Our new delivery versus payment settlement solution is an exciting milestone as it helps pave the way for the Russian market to move more towards a real time settlement environment, keeping up with other capital markets around the world as part of Russia s capital market reform.
A change to rules for lending and borrowing securities will facilitate borrowing, the SCA said; if brokerages fail to deliver securities under delivery versus payment procedures, they can borrow the securities they need without necessarily having to seek SCA approval.
The Vestima suite of services will bring increased operational efficiency and security benefits to the Latin American financial markets by providing centralised delivery versus payment (DVP) settlement services based on synchronous exchange of cash and securities between fund distributors and transfer agents.
Meanwhile, the decision to promote the UAE to emerging markets status was driven by the improvements made in terms of the payments system used for share dealings, known as the delivery versus payment (DVP) model.
MSCI said international institutional investors recognised the improvements made by the UAE regulator and bourses with respect to the delivery versus payment model.
Highlighting some of QE's achievements Mujtaba said the local bourse has been successful in implementing the delivery versus payment (DVP) process in order to enhance the efficiency of the settlement process.
As a foreign domiciled issuer, shares in AngloGold Ashanti are not eligible to be settled in CREST and therefore the company has arranged for Computershare Investor Services PLC to issue Depositary Interests in respect of the underlying shares, thereby offering shareholders and investors the opportunity to hold securities in a secure uncertificated form and to transfer them electronically in real-time with effective delivery versus payment.
Delivery versus payment is a securities industry procedure in which payment for a security must be made when the security is delivered.
Starting 15 June, 2009 NDC and MICEX Settlement Chamber CJSC began offering a new service allowing the settlements on the basis of the Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) scheme using NDC and MICEX Settlement Chamber accounts opened with Euroclear international central depository.
Delivery versus payment - book entry transfer of ownership of a security in exchange for payment to settle a transaction.