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(Dell Inc., Round Rock, TX, A leading PC manufacturer, founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. Originally selling under the "PCs Limited" brand, Dell was the first to legitimize direct sales of PCs by mail order and to provide quality telephone support. It was also the first major manufacturer to pre-load applications selected by the customer. In 2007, after more than two decades of direct sales, Dell expanded into the retail channel, and for the first time, people would see Dell products in chains such as Wal-Mart and Staples.

The company's rise was extraordinary. In 1991, after only seven years in business, it made the Fortune 500, ranking 490, with sales of USD $546 million. In 2007, Dell ranked 34 on the list with revenues of $61 billion. With more than 200 patents covering current and future computer systems and related technologies, Dell has been a major force in the industry.

In 2015, Dell announced the largest tech acquisition in history by acquiring storage vendor EMC for USD $67 billion. In that transaction, Dell also becomes the owner of VMware virtualization and RSA security software. See EMC, VMware and RSA.

Michael S. Dell
From Inc. Magazine's "Entrepreneur of the Year" to PC Magazine's "Man of the Year," Dell has received numerous awards for his management abilities. He started the company in 1984 with $1,000. (Image courtesy of Dell Inc.)
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Dell Computer Corporation (Nasdaq:DELL) announced today it will transition its Austin Dell Factory Outlet (DFO) to the Internet and phone sales to extend its leadership in the e-commerce arena and streamline business operations.
Dell Computer Corporation is the world's leading direct computer systems company, based on revenues of $25.
Dell is a registered trademark of Dell Computer Corporation Fortune 500 is a registered trademark of Time Inc.
NASDAQ:CRUS) announced today that Dell Computer Corporation (NASDAQ:DELL) selected Cirrus Logic's CrystalClear PCI audio solution for the newest Dell Dimension desktop PC.
Dell Dimension is a trademark of Dell Computer Corporation.
This is a very significant win for GLOVIA as it was able to win the business relationship with a world-class organization such as Dell Computers against intense competition against the big-three ERP players," states Harry Tse, research director of Enterprise Applications from the Yankee Group.
GLOVIA INTERNATIONAL LLC, a joint venture between Fujitsu and MDIS, today announced Dell Computer Corporation (NASDAQ:DELL), the third largest PC manufacturer in the world, has selected GLOVIA to provide the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the company's global manufacturing systems initiative.
Customers can request to have Tally Systems Cenergy preloaded on Dell computers," says Chuck Milliken, Channel Marketing and OEM Manager.