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An internal DOS/Windows command that erases a file from the disk. When a file is deleted from the command line, it cannot be retrieved from the recycle bin, so "be careful!" However, files deleted from Windows Explorer are saved in the recycle bin. Del and Erase are two forms of the command.

Following are examples of deleting single and multiple files:
del old.txt     erase OLD.TXT
  del *.txt       erase all TXT files


  erase old.txt   erase OLD.TXT
  erase *.txt     erase all TXT files


On drawings, abbr. for “delineation.”
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James Dello Russo, Managing Director: "At The New Jersey Eye Center Ambulatory Surgery Center the patients seem more relaxed, there is less stress.
Dry Eye Spa at The New Jersey Eye Center, within the Dello Russo Building, is located at 1 N.
What we expect to see in the future is what's happening this summer: more heat, more drought in the summers, more wildfires," says Dello, associate director of the institute at Oregon State University in Corvallis.
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Ann Dello contacted the Echo about her diabetic sister, Linda Dello, 39, from Ely, Cardiff, after reading Kieran Jones' experience of watching his seriously ill wife suffer on a hospital trolley and in the back of an ambulance as hospital admissions staff at Llandough struggled to deal with her and other patients.
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Gazzetta Dello Sport splashed England's sorry defeat on their front page with the headline "Capello Kaputt" and it added: "Sir Fabio's England adventure appears to have reached the end of the line.
and Dello Buono (sociology, Manhattan College) find a renewed space for resurgence of the political left, a resurgence that they hope will be accompanied by a renewal of critical perspectives in the social sciences.