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An economic union is not so easy to define, but it is said in teh Delors Report to have as one basic element the co-ordination of all macroeconomic policies as well as `binding rules for budgetary policies'.
The Lisbon |summit' of late June 1992 has at least decided that Jacques Delors may extend his own Presidency of the Commission by two years -- until 1995, when the Presidential term will be extended from four to five years.
And there remain the new doubts about ratification of Maastricht and, even more, the prospect of the Delors Budget being cut significantly.
Former EEC Commission president Jacques Delors, 76:
Statues of Jacques Delors and other European VIPs could soon be popping up all over Britain.
The report, called the Delors report, identified four pillars of education for the future: learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together (and with others), and learning to be.
At the height of his influence as president of the European Commission, Jacques Delors commented that Europe had to keep running just to keep still.
The new intake of Tory MPs is generally right-wing, euro-sceptic and keen to roll back the Labour reform of the past 13 years; as the Spectator puts it, "the type who has posters of Thatcher on the wall and Jacques Delors on the dartboard".
As the Deputy Chief of Staff for the former European Commission President Jacques Delors, as the Commission's Political Director, and as the Director General for External Relations, he participated in EU constitutional and institutional developments, including its successive expansion from the original six members to today's 25 member states.
Jacques Delors, former European Commission president, was said to have wondered what he had let himself in for as he peered into the hole in the ground which had swallowed pounds 47 million of European money.
Dim ond bardd o'r iawn ryw a fyddai wedi gallu ffeindio'r odl "up yours" ar gyfer enw'r Comisiynydd Ewropeaidd Jacques Delors ac i chwarae ar yr hen ddywediad Stick It UpYour Jumper ar gyfer y Jwnta yn yr Ariannin.
Other victims of the custard tart throwers have been Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates, former EC president Jacques Delors, outgoing International Monetary Fund chairman Michel Camdessus and economist Milton Friedman who were all targets of the Brussels-based Pastry Makers, a group of anti-free trade activists.