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The demonic spirits are treated exactly like human servants.
36) One plausible possibility is that people might have begun to adapt pre-existing beliefs about magicians conjuring demonic spirits into the idea that these same spirits appeared on earth to tempt people into an allegiance with Satan.
Contemporary theorists believed that demonic spirits inhabited different places in the female body from angelic spirits and thus that its location in the female body might be a criterion for discerning whether a spirit were angelic or demonic.
Why do some demonic spirits possess, while others copulate with, humans?
The ancient Greeks and Romans also referenced depression, but the prevailing wisdom of all three groups maintained that it was caused by possession from demonic spirits rather than by physical and environmental factors.
Demonic spirits who become devotees through the theology of bhakti are not peculiar to Buddhism.
Apparently, a witch had invoked demonic spirits into the ring, and the object began somehow tormenting the girl until she prayed over it.
An exorcism seems to be the answer after a boy appears to have been possessed by demonic spirits.