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the study of demons or demonic beliefs



in a number of religions a teaching concerning evil spirits that originated historically from a primitive belief in spirits.

Demonology is most important in religions with a dualistic division of the universe into a world of good and evil (for example, Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism). In later religions that experienced the influence of Zoroastrianism (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) demonology also became an important part of doctrinal belief.

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One thing stands out clearly: Shakespeare embraces diversity in his conceptualization of the spirit world, in contrast to the more polarized views of Calvinist contemporaries and indeed, most demonologists, whatever their doctrinal affiliation.
While the precise methods and explanations of these feats were sometimes disputed, nearly all demonologists asserted the same conclusion about where demonic power fell short.
I speculate that the unguents and ointments found by demonologists and other persecutors consisted mainly of burnt residue from the toxic and semitoxic substances that were incinerated and inhaled.
In the first group appear authors who study the writing strategies of demonologists, in particular the tensions between their persuasive rhetoric and stylistic resources.
The reasons for the high proportion of female victims must be sought in more mundane factors than the demonologists advanced: the tasks that women performed, giving birth, suckling babies, preparing-food, caring for children, and washing the dead, were just the ones that contemporaries suspected could provide opportunities and substances for evil acts.
warning: "The demonologists know that every passive state in which
As today's citizens tremble to the color-coded warnings of Washington's terror demonologists, they should be receptive to the narratives of this eloquent standard-bearer of ecological destruction.
Many readers not drawn to the anachronistic aspects of this impassioned conclusion will nonetheless find themselves enlightened and engaged by Maggi's skillful, even brilliant, reconstruction of how demons and demonologists thought and spoke about each other in Counter Reformation Europe.
In evoking images of witch-persecution and torture, DeLillo may be pointing out the thin line between the white magic of Pythagoreans and Kabbalists and the black magic of demonologists, and to the persecution suffered by both.
We would merely replace the Tory 'backwoodsmen' beloved by Labour demonologists with a new breed of unelected placemen and women whose right to rule is in the gift of political leaders rather than the electorate at large.
For the vocabulary of the demonologists may be stripped away to reveal the characteristic mechanisms of mental functioning as discovered by psychoanalysis.
How to reconcile lived realities and ideals concerned Early Modern demonologists whose vision of witchcraft often contradicted accused men and women's explanations of their gendered and sexual transgressions (Chapter Two).