Joseph Deniker

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Deniker, Joseph (Iosif Egorovich)


Born Mar. 6 (18), 1852, in Astrakhan; died Mar. 18, 1918, in Paris. French anthropologist; librarian at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris from 1888.

Deniker devised a classification system for human races (1900) in which the principle of distinguishing anthropological types purely on the basis of physical characteristics was first introduced. A serious shortcoming of this classification system is its nonhistoric approach, which makes it impossible to trace the process of the origin of races. Some principles of classification introduced by Deniker are partially used by Soviet anthropologists.


Chelovecheskie rasy. St. Petersburg, 1902. (Translated from French.)
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Wildlife Conservation Officer Clint Deniker of Mercer County is credited with saving the life of a driver trapped during a car crash.
He belonged to the race, which Deniker calls Ethiopian, and which is distinguished by the curliness rather than the frizziness of its hair.
21, the second day of Pennsylvania's bear season, a call from a concerned citizen sent Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officer (WCO) Clint Deniker to the intersection of 15th Street and Tingley Avenue in the Franklin Heights area of Franklin, Venango County.
WCO Deniker was assisted on scene by Deputy WCO Janet Baker, Land Management Group Supervisor Jim Deniker, and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Waterways Conservation Officers Mark Kerr and Gregg Pochron.
This is an unfortunate case of an individual disregarding hunting laws and firearms safety in a reckless effort to kill a bear," WCO Deniker stated.
In Venango County, WCO Clint Deniker said, "Bear sightings have increased in almost every corner of the county.
Venango County WCO Clint Deniker said, "Hunters targeting areas near orchards, farms and timber cuts or blow-down regeneration will have a good season.
Venango County WCO Clint Deniker said, "The bear population continues to rise in Venango County; the population seems to be healthy and growing.
Venango County WCO Clint Deniker said, "It's rare to spend much time in the field in Venango County without seeing several wild turkeys.
Venango County WCO Clint Deniker said, "Grouse hunters should concentrate on stands of aspen, grapevine thickets and evergreens that provide thermal cover.