denitrifying bacteria

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denitrifying bacteria:

see nitrogen cyclenitrogen cycle,
the continuous flow of nitrogen through the biosphere by the processes of nitrogen fixation, ammonification (decay), nitrification, and denitrification. Nitrogen is vital to all living matter, both plant and animal; it is an essential constituent of amino acids,
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Denitrifying Bacteria


bacteria that reduce nitrates to molecular nitrogen. Denitrifying bacteria include representatives of Pseudomonas, Achromobacter, Bacillus, and Micrococcus. All denitrifying bacteria are aerobes, and they can oxidize organic matter by means of atmospheric oxygen. However, when anaerobic conditions prevail, they use the oxygen of nitrates as an electron acceptor (“respiration by means of nitrates”). Denitrifying bacteria are grown on culture media with nitrates and an indicator that changes color when the nitrates are reduced. The bacteria are widespread in soil and in the water and soil of bodies of water.

denitrifying bacteria

[dē′nī·trə‚fī·iŋ bak′tir·ē·ə]
Bacteria that reduce nitrates to nitrites or nitrogen gas; most are found in soil.
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Nitrates escaping from agricultural soil, discharges from sewage treatment plants, emissions from power plants and automobiles, the activity of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria, the loss of wetlands, and the contribution from septic tanks, well fertilized lawns, and golf courses all had to be examined as part of an integrated socio-natural system.
However, the number of denitrifying bacteria was not enhanced in our study, probably because any anaerobic conditions caused by agricultural machinery traffic were not sufficient to stimulate those bacteria.
Autotrophic, hydrogen-oxidizing, denitrifying bacteria in groundwater, potential agents for bioremediation of nitrate contamination.
Our results indicate that in Antarctic soils, fertilisation stimulates denitrifying bacteria to degrade hydrocarbons in the anoxic portion of the soil profile,' Dr Powell said.
Procedures Used for Measurements of Microbial Abundance and Biomass--Soils were analyzed for total microbial biomass and denitrifying bacteria populations one day prior to flooding and on the last day of incubation.
These are the same soil samples from which denitrifying bacteria described in Cavigelli (1998) were isolated.
Many kinds of denitrifying bacteria have been isolated from the human oral cavity, upper respiratory tract, and alimentary tract (e.
sup+] oxidation was the major source of nitrate for denitrification under our ambient conditions (1), denitrifying bacteria were able to take advantage of higher nitrate concentrations.
In any case, as we have seen, natural sources of sulfuric and nitric acid tend to be either episodic (huge volcanic eruptions and forest fires) or unlikely to concentrate the acid regionally (marine algae, denitrifying bacteria, and lightning).
There is also some interesting work to be done on enzyme systems as found in denitrifying bacteria and some fungi, where rate of reaction and bond targeting are very precise.
Contract award: delivery of preparation constituting an additional carbon source for denitrifying bacteria supporting the process of biological nitrogen removal.