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George (2012) also identified several synapomorphic characters of the dentary bone for the tribe Notiosoricini.
harrisi in having the dentary bone deeper beneath the m1, the mental foramen is not located within a slight depression, and the entoconids on m1 and m2 are relatively small.
The mental foramen is present in the dentary bone below the anterior portion of m1.
The changes ill the anatomy of the jaws that took place as mammal-like reptiles evolved into mammals were characterized by an increase in the size of the temporalis muscle and the dentary bone and a reduction in the size of the postdentary bones (i.
in association with the rostrum, a small fragment of one of the dentary bones with one or more cheek teeth is accreted onto the palate and is mostly covered in matrix, obscuring the contained lower teeth as well as some maxillary teeth.