Dentist's Drill

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Dentist’s Drill


a medical apparatus by means of which a cutting instrument is made to rotate (the drill is a shaft with a steel, diamond, or carborundum bit attached to it, or a carborundum stone, disc, etc.) and which is used for the preparation of the hard tissues of the tooth. There are pedal-operated (seldom used), electrical, and turbine dentist’s drills. In an electrical dentist’s drill, an electric motor serves as the motive power for the drill, which is affixed to the tip of the apparatus. In a turbine dentist’s drill, the cutting instrument is set in motion by a turbine located in the tip; a stream of compressed air is forced onto the turbine (by means of a compressor) at a pressure of 0.25–0.35 meganewtons /m2 (2.5–3.5 kg/cm2). The frequency of rotation of an electric dentist’s drill is 30,000 rpm, and that of a turbine dentist’s drill is up to 350,000 rpm. The increased rate of the rotation of the drill removes the principal causes of painful sensations—namely, vibration and pressure of instruments on the teeth.

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I read later somewhere that the dentist's drill bit is usually made of industrial diamond, the hardest substance in the world, so the water must be to cool off my teeth as they get ground down.
If this were an audio commentary, I'd cue the sound of an old-fashioned, low-speed dentist's drill right now.
FEW sounds cause palms to sweat and knees to tremble as much as the high-pitched whirr of a dentist's drill.
If you think the dentist's drill is a state-of-the-art instrument of torture, count yourself lucky you never underwent root canal surgery with a bottle of navy rum and a pair of three-foot pliers.
Despite the century's dental successes, there's still plenty of cavities to keep a dentist's drill busy.
Therefore, if your silver fillings are still doing the job of preserving your teeth, bless the dentist who put them in and save your hard-earned dollars for more pleasant things than the dentist's drill.
Even having a tooth filled is better than health plan shopping for some Americans; 23% of those who recently shopped for a plan say it was less enjoyable than facing the dentist's drill and 45% say it's just as bad (for a total of 68% who say it's the same or worse).
THE fear of a dentist's drill is a common phobia but the dreaded device is now set to become an unpleasant memory thanks to a tooth-rebuilding treatment that could be available in three years.
SARAH WYNN The sound of the dentist's drill while sitting in the waiting room
Lighter fluid, a soldering iron and something that resembled a dentist's drill were all used in the display to demonstrate the painstaking processes used by the artist to get the layers of depth required in his work.
Experts are testing a pain-free way dealing with rotten teeth that dispenses with the dentist's drill.
10pm) Host Michaela Strachan visits the Cape Flats in South Africa to try and help save carthorses from neglect and abuse, while Alfie the rabbit faces the dentist's drill.