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a person qualified to practise dentistry

What does it mean when you dream about a dentist?

Owning to childhood associations, dentists in dreams often symbolize anxiety and fear of pain. They represent the principle of inflicting pain “for your own good.” The primary activity of dentistry is drilling and removing decayed matter, and replacing it with new dental material an activity that, in a dream, may be a metaphor for other situations in one’s life.

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Prior to the Chicago Dental Society's (CDS) 146th annual Midwinter Meeting, more than 300 of the society's member dentists responded to a survey covering current trends, dental care tips and more.
Dr Harris added: "We understand that business requirements can create stress and take dentists away from their personal responsibilities.
Helping dentists educate their patients so they can manage these risk factors effectively
The Dentists goes behind the scenes of the University Dental Hospital of Manchester, delving into the intimate relationship between patients and dentists.
My Dentist Complete Care Dentistry has entered into a definitive agreement to affiliate with Heartland Dental Care in USA.
Inclusion in the Seattle Met Top Dentists List is based on an extensive survey of dental professionals in both the general dentistry and specialty dentistry fields.
Statistics reveal there is a pounds 9,000 gap between the average incomes of English and Welsh dentists.
For dentists, the changes can mean that patients see office visits as more routine.
I am glad the recommendation in the City Council Scrutiny I chaired, that more should be done to advertise the fact NHS Direct carry a list ofNHS dentists in an area, has been acted on.
A: It is important that children become acclimatised to the dentist at an early age.
The latest study uses a ``traffic light'' system to show those areas with the fewest dentists to serve their local population.
The latest study, in the International Journal of Health Geographics, uses "traffic lights" to show those areas with fewest dentists.