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What does it mean when you dream about dentures?

You may be needing to “get your teeth into” something, or be “biting your way through” a situation. If you are being bitten, perhaps there is a struggle for control within yourself or within your relationships, personal or business. Losing your teeth relates to feeling that you have lost your personal power and your sense of control in your life. (See also Bite, Teeth).

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Diagnosis and treatment are often delayed because of the radiolucent nature of modern dentures (8,9) and the inability of the attending physician to appreciate subtle signs seen on a neck x-ray.
Alan Gardener, prosecuting, told the court Mrs Price required some new dentures and attended five appointments.
Such dentures are constructed in order to produce a relatively stable lower denture in patients with gross alveolar bone loss.
There is no additional training required for a denturist prior to fabricating removable partial dentures on patients if this measure passes.
Sundeen, everything from a patient's general health to stress levels, smoking, alcohol and nutritional habits can affect how comfortable the patient will be with dentures.
Ostini is accused of probing the agent's mouth with bare, ungloved fingers before attempting to grind a burr off the dentures.
1 Label the three toothpaste brands and the three sets of dentures A, B, and C.
With dentures, there can be an allowance of a millimetre, but a variance of a fraction of a millimetre can ruin a crown or a bridge.
Without enough moisture in the mouth, dentures may slip or fall down.
The office has a dedicated, on-site dental lab to make new dentures and provide repairs and relines, often with same-day service.
For those patients that want a permanent solution to dentures and make it uncomfortable to smile and eat, the All on 4 may be the best choice.