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The removal or prevention of polarization in a substance (for example, through the use of a depolarizer in an electric cell) or of polarization arising from the field due to the charges induced on the surface of a dielectric when an external field is applied.
The resolution of polarized light in an optical depolarizer.



the decrease in the difference in potentials during the resting state (so-called resting potential) between the internal and external sides of the membrane of a living cell. In nerve cells and their processes, as well as in muscle fibers, depolarization is one of the most important components of the process of excitation. Stable depolarization may occur experimentally or in certain diseases as a result of direct damage to the membrane or disruption of metabolism.

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This is the thermally stimulated depolarization step of a TSDC experiment, in which the sample returns to the equilibrium state.
The atrial depolarization and atrioventricular conduction time did not exist in the PR interval and segment in the study of raptors.
Mitochondrial depolarization may be a prerequisite for tacrine-induced cytotoxicity and the presence of mtDNA damage may be a probable mechanism for tacrine to induce the cytotoxicity of HepG2 cells.
This research was aimed at studying the sequence of depolarization along the atrial epicardium and formation of the cardio electric field on the body surface of hypertensive rats.
cm), perhaps due to insufficient time of depolarization before the measurement was taken.
The transmural dispersion of repolarization functions as a reentrant substrate to initiate and maintain a TdP when a VPC occurs in this period due to phase 2 reentry or phase 2 early after depolarization (5, 6).
Moreover, RT was defined as a sum of AT and ARI and assessed quantitatively the time required for completing cardiac depolarization and repolarization phases instead of evaluating changes in ST-segment and QT interval.
Moreover, if the signal is caused by dendritic currents, it may not have the rapid repolarization currents to cancel the depolarization signal (Park & Lee 2007).
Ca-ATP channel is activated under conditions of ATP depletion, which causes severe cell depolarization, followed by cell swelling.
This voltage change, called a depolarization, triggers a cascade of events that lead to the fusion of intracellular vesicles with the membrane at the bottom of the cell (Fig.
It is so much easier to explain action potentials when I can refer to a concrete inside and outside of the membrane and point to progressive regions along the neurolemma as I discuss progression of the depolarization.
Hindu religious texts also support this depolarization of the sexes.