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bank depository

A safe on the exterior of a building which receives deposits after business hours.
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The agencies will continue to closely monitor the situations and needs of insured depository institutions and their 'customers and will provide additional guidance, as required, to help address those needs.
Allowing insured depository institutions to affiliate only with firms that were well capitalized and well managed and had internal controls that adequately managed financial and operational risk, and only if the institutions' safety and soundness were unimpaired.
Lloyd must also conform to other OTS limitations should he choose to perform appraisal services in the future, including submission of a quarterly report of all appraisals in which he participates with other appraisers, other than 1-4 family residences, which are issued to insured depository institutions.
CDS will offer a common ECP interface to transmit deposits to any depository institution.
In exchange, the agencies drop all claims that have been or could ever be made by them against Deloitte & Touche relating to any savings and loan, bank, or other federally- insured depository institution that failed or required assistance at any time up to November 1, 1993.
The depository institution may not extend credit on the condition that the consumer buy an insurance product or annuity from that institution or any of its affiliates.
Passage of the 1994 Reigle-Neal Act, which regulates interstate banking, has spurred the consolidation of depository institutions.
Kohn stated that the Board supports the act, which would eliminate the prohibition of interest on demand deposits, authorize the Federal Reserve to pay interest on balances held by depository institutions at Reserve Banks, and provide the Board with increased flexibility in setting reserve requirements.
Sixth is a newly organized corporation that does not control a depository institution and has been formed to acquire Geneseo and CSB.
These counts do not include other channels for delivering banking services, Hence, the reduction in the number of insured depository institutions does not mean a decrease in the availability of bank services for the average consumer.
Depressed economic times and stepped-up regulatory scrutiny of depository institution (DI) loan portfolios have drawn new attention to an old concept: the allowance for loan and lease losses (ALLL).

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