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Loss of the sense of the reality of people or objects in one's environment.



a sense of change or unreality in one’s environment that appears in certain mental illnesses (for example, schizophrenia, cyclothymia, epilepsy).

While experiencing derealization, the outside world is perceived as foreign, artificial, changed, and sometimes distant, vague, and dreamlike. Time seems too fast, or else it seems to have stopped. Unfamiliar surroundings seem to have been seen before and, conversely, familiar situations and places seem strange, as though seen for the first time. Derealization is often accompanied by melancholy, fear, and confusion; it is often combined with depersonalization. It is treated by eliminating the primary illness.

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In other words, the lines between reality and surreal get temporarily blurred and the person may experience a symptom of severe anxiety called derealisation.
More specifically however, Steinberg's (2004) structured clinical interview for the diagnosis of DID identified the five core symptoms as amnesia, depersonalisation, derealisation, identity confusion and identity alteration.
My brain injuries had left me with a condition called derealisation.
What could it be ATHE feeling you describe is called Derealisation and when associated with feeling dizzy it is a sign your blood pressure is low.
La wilaya de Mostaganem, qui dispose d'atouts naturels diversifies et de potentialitestouristiquesexceptionnelles, vient de beneficier d'un projet derealisation d'un parc zoologique,a-t-on appris jeudi dernier.
R] Dissociative disorders and epilepsy share a number of common symptoms that include amnesia, fugue, depersonalisation, derealisation, and identity change.
ATHE feeling you describe is called derealisation and when associated with dizziness, is a sign your blood pressure is low.
Les travaux derealisation de la nouvelle tremie appelee a desengorger l'axe routier de la RN12 au niveau du carrefour de Rehalia (5Cekm a l'est de Tizi-Ouzou) ont ete entames hier.