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An area of skin delimited by the supply of sensory fibers from a single spinal nerve.
Lateral portion of an embryonic somite from which the dermis will develop.
Instrument for cutting skin for grafting.



cutis plate, the embryonic basis of the connective-tissue part of the skin, or dermis. (The dermis is also formed from some of the cells of the ganglionic plate that develops from the neural columns.)

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The time interval between administration of local anesthetic solution to loss of pin-prick sensation in all the dermatomes (Grade 2 in all the dermatomes).
For the simple minded, it may be easy to scoff at the notion of discrete points, hardwired in the dermatomes of the skin on the plane of humanity.
On August 20, 2012, injections of diluted levobupivacaine with dexamethasone were administered in the paravertebral area from the 4th to 10th thoracic dermatome.
An audit of 76 anaesthetic records conducted in Queen Mary's Hospital, UK, showed 100% compliance with documenting the time of block, 87% with recording the upper sensory dermatome block (but only 54% with the test modality) and 33% with noting the presence/absence of pain (3).
The subject complained of a dull, aching pain in the bilateral C7T1 dermatome but had no other symptoms suggestive of median mononeuropathy at or distal to the wrist.
A 70-year-old male patient came to us because of the appearance of several vesicles grouped in bunches, bilaterally distributed on his back along the dermatome supplied by D1-D2 sensory innervation on the right and along the dermatome supplied by D9-D10 innervation on the left, respectively (Fig 1).
Some authors (4) have reported that the C1 dermatome includes the ear while others (14) include the ear in the C3 dermatome.
He had intact dermatome, myotome, and deep tendon reflex distribution from C5-T1, and a negative VBAT within the available ROM.
Shingles most commonly develops on one side of the body, in a band--like pattern known as a dermatome.
There was hypoexthesioa, which may prevent activity, noted on the left side at the dermatome zone of the C5 spinal nerve, which goes across the back of the neck at the collar area, around and over the shoulder and across the front of the chest just above the clavicle and down the anteromedial surface of the arm to the wrist.
The V1 dermatome was involved in 71% of the patients, the V2 dermatome in 35%, and the V3 dermatome in 39%; 31% had involvement in more than one dermatome.