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A topographic feature that is formed from the mass beneath an older topographic form, now removed.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The descendant is the cusp (beginning) of the seventh house. In a natal chart, it corresponds to the western horizon at the moment of birth and is thus the point where, over the course of a 24-hour period, planets “descend” out of the sky. As one of the four angles—the others are the ascendant (first-house cusp), the midheaven/medium coeli (tenth-house cusp), and the nadir/imum coeli (fourth-house cusp)—the descendant is one of the more powerful locations for a planet. Thus, a planet in a close conjunction with the descendant is traditionally regarded as having a strong influence over the entire chart, although such influences are more marked in the case of planets conjunct the ascendant and the midheaven.


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Hence in Mexico, the African descendents are confronted with such problems and thus strategies to secure citizenship and collective rights based on politicized Black identities will not succeed without highlighting the real continued existence and maintenance of Black culture and identities throughout Mexican history, despite the continued attempts for an ideological erasure of Mexican Blackness.
These themes are: 1) the doctrine of orders of creation, 2) the belief in an elect nation, 3) theories that Jews and other races are not descendents of Adam, and 4) apocalyptic holy war between God's elect and the minions of Satan.
The original members of the Papaschase reserve were dispersed and absorbed by other bands, so Gladu is hoping the chiefs will sign the resolution on behalf of their members who are descendents of the Papaschase.
It would be much appreciated if any descendents of the aforementioned named people or anyoneelsewhorecognisesanydescendentsof these named people could contactme.
It is also said that after Ravana's capital Lanka was devastated in the battle with Lord Rama, many of his descendents and subjects travelled to Mandore, considered a haven as it was the earlier home of their queen Mandodari.
These 35 descendents will come to West Brookfield in mid-October, Mr.
Edgar was a direct descendent of Alfred the Great, but because he was only 10 years old he was not considered to be experienced enough to defend England against Norman and Viking invasion.
Except for Hey Hey's brief cameo as one of the duke's (Peter O'Toole) favorite dogs, Lassie is played by a couple of non-Pal descendents named Mason and Dakota.
Occupying a critically important space between its ancestral roots (the primitive lodestone) and its late 20th-century descendents (the gyrocompass and GPS technology), the magnetic compass, born of the need for a reliable means of negotiating treacherous sea routes around the globe, has been an indispensable sailor's guide.
The conference will conclude on October 13 with the first-ever "Detroit Auto Pioneers Dinner," honoring the descendents of early auto pioneers and offering delegates an opportunity to interact with descendents of the most influential families of Detroit.
uk revealed that Prince Charles and Camilla are both descendents of Henry Cavendish, the second Duke of Newcastle.
Just as the Surrealists made miragelike enigmas in what they experienced as the wasteland of the everyday world, their artistic descendents manufactured enigmas in the actual wasteland that the world became during the violence of World War II.