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The six similarities in data collection and analysis techniques were used to identify the relevant studies among the 40 SUHB-based studies that Fawcett (2000a, 2000b, 2001, 2002) categorized as descriptive research in her bibliographies for the SUHB.
Recall that our three groups of priority areas correspond approximately to the three types of research described by Mayer -- descriptive research on the entire population, research that tries to determine causal relationships, and evaluation research.
Identify problems that are large and increasing, using basic descriptive research on the entire population;
The largest single category of research was descriptive research (e.
Descriptive research was the most frequently published type of research, followed by intervention research with preschool through Grade 12 populations, and interventions with other than preschool through Grade 12 representing the smallest number of articles.
Each chapter features an introduction to the specific topic covered in the chapter, discussion of the most recent theoretical and descriptive research, and a list of bibliographic references.
Lauer explains the purpose of education research, the application of scientific criteria, types, related terms, experimental and descriptive research, data collection methods and instruments, how to evaluate studies and literature reviews and assess their relevance.
In our field, we have learned the value of descriptive research and qualitative research.
In our view, and we believe in the view of most scientists, the evolution of any science, be it physics or cognitive psychology, is invariably a blend of descriptive research and research that is experimental in nature, a mix of exploring through a vast array of descriptive methodologies, theorizing, experimenting, and then revisiting the original theory in terms of the various data sources.

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