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see DessieDessie,
or Dese
, town (1994 pop. 97,314), capital of Wallo prov., central Ethiopia, in the Great Rift Valley. It is an administrative, military, and commercial center.
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, Ethiopia.



a city in northeast Ethiopia; administrative center of Welo Province. Population, 54,400 (1970). Dese is a transportation center (connected by highway to Addis Ababa, Asmara, and the port of Aseb) and trade center (grains, hides, cattle , and oil-bearing crops). There is a cottage food industry.

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Now, you see, get all dese yer hosses loose, caperin' permiscus round dis yer lot and down to de wood dar, and I spec Mas'r won't be off in a hurry.
Dese las' skifts wuz full o' ladies en genlmen a-goin' over for to see de place.
Dey'll sell dese niggers today fo' stealin' de money, den dey'll buy some mo' dat don't now de chillen--so dat's all right.
But nemmine, I's gwine to happen aroun' dah one o' dese days en let on dat I reckon he wants to print a chillen's fingers ag'in; en if HE don't notice dey's changed, I bound dey ain't nobody gwine to notice it, en den I's safe, sho'.
I looked at dese things und I was very sick; but Bertran looked a little longer at what was upon the floor und der walls, und der hole in der thatch.
I ain't got no money, but I wants you to take dese six eggs, what I's been savin' up, an' I wants you to put dese six eggs into the eddication of dese boys an' gals.
About a tousand or two tousand year ago, me cannot tell to a year or two, as can neider write nor read, dere was a great what you call--a volution among de gypsy; for dere was de lord gypsy in dose days; and dese lord did quarrel vid one anoder about de place; but de king of de gypsy did demolish dem all, and made all his subject equal vid each oder; and since dat time dey have agree very well; for dey no tink of being king, and may be it be better for dem as dey be; for me assure you it be ver troublesome ting to be king, and always to do justice; me have often wish to be de private gypsy when me have been forced to punish my dear friend and relation; for dough we never put to death, our punishments be ver severe.
In 2010, the DESE designated 34 schools in the state at level 4 -- sometimes referred to as being "stuck'' because schools often remain at that level for years -- including Union Hill and Chandler Elementary Community School in Worcester, that were performing in the lowest 20 percent of schools in the state with little or no progress.
What I wanted to hear is 'This is how we're going to address pedagogy, these are the changes that we're going to make, these are the curricula we will employ,'" Grant says, adding to her list, "'This is how we plan to get there, this is when we plan to get there, this is the support we need from DESE to get there, this is the support we need from the community.
Area career center administrators, DESE staff and other highly experienced education professionals offered their expertise as instructors for the various topics covered in the institute.
Venga al Regional Sports Center sobre la 32nd con la Main en Springfield y dese un paso por Autntico festival mexicano del condado de Lane.
De Englishman walking on de dock and dese three Rastas makin fun.