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see Latter-day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ of,
name of the church founded (1830) at Fayette, N.Y., by Joseph Smith. The headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah. Its members, now numbering about 5.
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; UtahUtah
, Rocky Mt. state of the W United States. It is bordered by Idaho and Wyoming (N), Colorado (E), Arizona (S), and Nevada (W), and touches New Mexico in the SE, at the Four Corners.
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The provocative findings of this poll come at a time when family life is shifting and questions about family are widely debated," said Allison Pond, Editor of the Deseret News National Edition and a former Pew Research Center staffer.
Before he was hired to apply his theories to the Deseret organization, Gilbert had led BYU's foray into online education, much of it designed to serve Mormon students in parts of the globe that don't have colleges and universities every few miles.
With audiences for its products growing and revenues rising, the Deseret News has secured its future at a time when other media organizations are struggling to stay viable.
His experience knits together journalism, law and policy allowing him to craft persuasive editorials that rely on the best data and analysis,” said Paul Edwards, Editor of Deseret News.
Deseret First Credit Union has 53,000 members and 10 branches in Utah and serves members and employees of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints across the country.
Through the years, as the DCWD stockpile grew to 44 percent of the Nation's total chemical munitions stockpile, the on-site town of Deseret also grew.
No new editor has been named for the paper and Wall's duties are apparently being assumed by Clark Gilbert, who was named president of the Deseret Publishing Co.
The Deseret News, a subsidiary of the LDS church, widely regarded by Mormons and non-Mormons as the counseling voice of the church, had considerable influence on public opinion and elected Mormon officials.
Jay Evensen is editorial page editor of the Deseret News.
More than 3,199 1-ton containers filled with mustard agent were destroyed at Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, Utah, on 12 March, marking a 50-percent reduction of the mustard-filled containers stored at nearby Deseret Chemical Depot by the Army Chemical Materials Agency.
Tooele Army Depot, Utah, is moving low-demand munitions to former chemical storage sites at nearby Deseret Chemical Depot in order to free storage space at Tooele for high-demand training and warfighting materials.
Everyone wants to know what to expect,'' said Deseret Tavares, a 32- year-old psychic and tarot reader who has made end-of-the-year predictions for E